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16:05 | 2015/05/14
Recently, Hoang Long Human Resources Development Joint-stock company (Hoang long Huresu) has cooperated with Que Vo 1 High School in Bac Ninh province to solemnly hold a meeting to consult the 12th-grade students on the abroad study and orientation...
17:04 | 2015/04/07
HoangLong Huresu Corp always encourages labors ask the following questions before accepting any job to make your time abroad as rewarding as the money you make.
16:03 | 2015/03/11
17:05 | 2015/05/07
Acknowledging the high recruitment demand of sewing worker for the past 10 years, HoangLong take investment in purchasing sewing machines, hiring the professional teachers and setting up the practical training courses for many women desiring to work...
12:03 | 2015/03/30
12:03 | 2015/03/30
11:03 | 2015/03/30
15:02 | 2015/02/12
Please contact: Mrs. Hanh  +84 94 4770060 for further quotation and information  
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  • “HoangLong Huresu ., Corp is becoming stronger & stronger with the recorded numbers of 3.390 workers exported in 2014” – Duong Hong Bac (Mr) – Deputy General Manager from HoangLong Huresu.,...

  • “HoangLong is the right place for Vietnamese Laborers who desire to touch themselves in the beating rhythm of international employment” – Dinh Hong Phong (Mr) – General Director – HoangLong...

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